Terry Anderson's Slide Show at Golden West College

~ Welcome ~

I finally have a Slide Show up...!  After countless hours of looking for a decent App
that would run a professional-looking Slide Show on My WebSite - with NO success,
I've decided to go with Flicker.  There's
No Sign-in, Log-on, etc. etc... the Full-Screen
(Maximized) mode has No buttons, menus, comments, whatever... just my images
floating on a black edge-to-edge screen (altho, some take-up the whole screen...!)

In addition, there are 'Thumbnail' and 'Gallery' pages, which allow you to select
one at a time (altho, you can also do that directly from the slide show...!) 
Some of these images are also on view on my WebSite, in the Bryce 3-D Gallery.
(Link is below)  Others are Brand New and have not been posted anywhere else.

For the Best Viewing Experience, Please follow these simple steps...  When the
Next page opens, click on the 'Slide Show' Link at Upper Right.  As Soon as my
Title Page opens, hit the 'Space Bar' on your keyboard to Pause the show (this
also works at any time during the show) -- then click on the 'Options' button on
the Menu Bar and UN-check / DISABLE their stupid 'Embiggen' feature.  ( I also
recommend selecting the 'Slow' setting.)  Then go to the Bottom Right corner,
click the 'Maximize' button, hit the Rt. 'Arrow' key, or 'Space Bar', and Enjoy!
Use the Right & Left 'ARROW' Keys to go Forward or Back, and 'ESC' to Exit
Click on the Link Below to Start the Show

Flicker Slide Show!
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